She's Pretty, but She's Also Sick

Watch the full livestream video here & the full Q&A video here.

One divorce, one Post Malone cover and a whole bunch of love songs sums up Charlotte Cardin’s dreamy show for our #STAYLOUD Session last Wednesday night.

Just past nine, the packed house was rowdy at Baby’s All Right as Charlotte quietly floated onto the stage. The audience kept talking as the backup began to play, and then, Charlotte started singing: “Maybe I’m a bitch, but you’re just a kid.” The crowd was silent for the rest of the set. Talk about a power move. Talk about a power move.

“We’ll be playing a bunch of love songs for all the hearts in here,” said Charlotte, taking a seat at her keyboard, her all-boy band poised at the ready. It was her first time playing in Brooklyn, she confessed in her quiet speaking voice, a shocking contrast to her powerhouse vocals that had us all reminiscing of early Amy Winehouse.

We’ll be playing a bunch of love songs for all the hearts in here.

But Charlotte’s not one to be stuck in the past. With only five officially released songs, she gave the crowd — and everyone who tuned in via livestream, check the video if you missed it!! — an exclusive look at the future. Obviously, she played her hits — “Like It Doesn’t Hurt,” “Big Boy” — but her new songs, which are set to be released on her full-length album next year, gave us a glimpse of Charlotte at her most badass.

The show wasn’t all tangled love songs, however, because a celebration was in order — for band member Mat’s divorce. “Yes, ladies, he’s single,” said Charlotte between songs. The crowd became uproarious as Mat raised his arms in triumph.

It’s the basis of life, but no one has totally figured it out yet.

In our Q&A before the show, Charlotte said she’s fascinated by human connection: “It’s the basis of life, but no one has totally figured it out yet.” Perhaps a divorce track in Mat’s honor is on the horizon?

From there, the vulgar side of the singer burst through the floodgates. As she started playing her jazzy version of Post Malone’s “Go Flex” — sans the rapping — she exclaimed giddily, “We can say all the f-words at once!”

Charlotte’s no plastic pop queen, and we love her for it, f-words and all, but her new song “Blackened Eyes” says it best: “She’s pretty, but she’s also sick.”